Thursday, April 13, 2006

Question #3

You would never leave the house without:

a) a can of silly string

b) a mirror

c) cleaning the house first

d) a flower for a sick friend

e) kicking the cat first

f) returning 3 times for stuff you forgot

g) your day planner

h) all of your kids and at least one of their friends

i) your sun glasses

j) a quadruple expresso


(See Sunday’s post for descriptions)

a) Deviled

b) Green

c) Benedict

d) Soft-boiled

e) Rotten

f) Scrambled

g) Hard-boiled

h) Over-easy

i) Sunny-side-up

j) Fried

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Egger Quiz Continued!

Question #2

When it comes to buying digi kits, which best describes your approach:

a) I buy everything available, because it’s just too hard to choose!

b) I browse at every store, make a list, and then choose according to which is the best value for the best quality. (Okay, and once-in-awhile a flow chart is involved.)

c) I’m a sucker for kits with flowers, ribbons, and pastels.

d) Kits? You can buy kits? That blows my mind.

e) I buy way more than I need, and then I just hide the paypal statements from my husband.

f) I’ll buy anything with bright colors, fun patterns, and upbeat word art!!

g) I get all of my supplies from my yahoo group…it’s all free! And if you don’t like it, matey, you can walk the plank, Argggh!

h) I just buy whenever the urge hits me, and I don’t keep track. I’ve been known to buy the same kit more than once…or twice?

i) I buy exactly what I need for the layout I have in mind, and I don’t buy anything else until I’ve used it.

j) I can do better on my own, so I make all of my own supplies. Frankly, no one else’s stuff even compares to mine.


(See previous post for descriptions)

a) Over-easy

b) Benedict

c) Soft-boiled

d) Fried

e) Deviled

f) Sunny-side-up

g) Rotten

h) Scrambled

i) Hard-boiled

j) Green

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Egger Quiz

Rule #1 in Eggerville is that we’re ALL eggers, right? RIGHT! And all eggers are wonderful, right? RIGHT! However, that doesn’t mean that every egg in the carton is exactly the same. And, as egger facilitators, we’re committed to helping you in your discovery of your unique egger self. Therefore, in keeping with the grand tradition of such literary giants as Glamour magazine, we’ve hatched an EGGER QUIZ.

You, of course, are totally and 100% uniquely you. However, for the purposes of keeping this short, be prepared to be grouped into one of the following catEGGories (LOL)


HARD-BOILED: no-nonsense, straight-forward and assertive

SOFT-BOILED: tender, sensitive, prone to cry at sappy movies

SCRAMBLED: absent-minded, scattered, perhaps a little ditzy, but very lovable

SUNNY SIDE UP: eternal optimist, endlessly cheerful

OVER-EASY: easily persuaded, a pleaser, has difficulty making decisions

DEVILED: playful, blessed/cursed with a wild streak, daring

BENEDICT: proper, orderly, and a great rule-follower

GREEN: jealous, competitive, snarky (no one that we know, of course!)

ROTTEN: bad to the core (but again, no one around here!)

FRIED: hmmm….let’s just say: the lights are on, but nobody’s home

To make the fun (and yes, you will have fun, dadgummit!) last longer, we’ll be posting one quiz question per day. Today’s question goes a little something like this:


When leaving praise for a layout, which of the following comments would you be most likely to make:

a) Great lo. Keep it up.

b) That picture of your pet lizard made me tear up! It’s so sweet how you dressed him up for your SIL’s wedding!

c) I love that border…but the photo is my favorite…however, your journaling is the star…where’d you get that font?’s the best part of your lo.

d) Holy Heck!!!! This is AMAZING!!!! You are truly a genius!!!! Who else would’ve thought to put a picture on a piece of paper and give it a TITLE!!!!!!!!

e) What do you want me to say about your layout? Do you like it? Are you happy with how it turned out? Cause I’m happy if you’re happy!

f) This is just great! Now I dare you to take that same photo from the top of a moving train.

g) I say there, good chap, excellent work with aligning all of your elements according to the sound axiom of the balance of thirds.

h) Nice. I did one just like it last week. I would’ve added those hand-painted drop shadows too if I had nothing better to do.

i) Well, it’s okay and all. Maybe next time you could try hiding your auntie’s hairy mole with the clone tool. Some of us just ate.

j) Whoa, dudette, you raaawwwwk. When I cross my eyes a little, your grandma looks a lot like Bob Marley. Whooooaaaa!


In case you didn't already figure it out, the answers to question #1 line up in the same order as the categories above (a= hard-boiled, b= soft-boiled, c=scrambled, etc.). I decided to take it easy on you for this, the first question. Tomorrow's question may be a little tougher (and maybe a little less silly. . . maybe). Keep track of your answers (we grade on the honor system), and feel free to share with us all of the deep insights about yourself you're bound to discover! ;)

See you tomorrow!
Egger on!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Today's Egger Award!

A very special egging goes out this week to Sonya Johnston! One of her fellow digiscrappers at she is known as soniecat--nominated her recently. “Sonya is always willing to pitch in, lend a hand when someone is in need of help. She is so helpful to people in the chatroom when she hosts crops. She makes free stuff for her own crops and then helps out other crop hostesses who do not have the time to make any for their own crops. Very generous with her time even though she has two year old twin boys to keep her plate plenty full already. Sonya is also just a sweet friend. Always trying to do whatever she can to make life a little easier for you, even though it probably makes her life more difficult in the process.” Sonya, our hats are off to you! Thanks for giving so much to make the digi world a happier, friendlier place to be.

Monday, March 20, 2006

She's Eggiliscious!

A great big egging goes out today to the wonderful CrissyH!! She was nominated by a fellow sweet pea at Two Peas in a Bucket, who said such wonderful things about her, we just had to put her front and center in ye ole egg carton today!

Crissy is a stay at home mother of 3 children (two girls and one boy) who is married to her high school sweetheart. They live in Utah. Crissy’s scrapbooking style is colorful and rich with warmth and sentiment. If you’re a regular at 2Peas, you’ll know that she also shines at encouraging her fellow scrappers. “Her posts are always warmly enthusiastic and she generously spreads her sunshine around the message board on many, many layouts. She's leaving messages even on days she doesn't post a layout herself.” The digi world would be an even more fantastic place if we were all a little more like Crissy. Join us in giving Crissy a 21 egg salute!!

Keep 'em Comin!

This egging was the first from our list of women nominated by YOU! We want to keep it rolling for a long time, so please send us those emails about the good eggs around you. (

Monday, March 13, 2006

Egger Challenge #8! Step Right Up!

A lot has been said on our blog about egging forward good vibes. Well, it’s all hogwash. JUST KIDDING!! No, we really believe in it, and we’ve been trying to show that. However, we are only human, errr…perishable food items…so we can’t be everywhere. That’s why we need YOUR help.

We have a sneaking suspicion that each of you knows someone in the digi community who inspires and gives without personal regard. Someone who doesn’t seek or receive the adoration of thousands, yet has made a life better just by the small things she is or does.

Stop right now and consider who came to your mind just then. Would her day be brightened by a little thank you and encouragement? Well, let us egg her!! (Nothing says “Good job, you’re a gem” better than a good egging, right?)

Here’s what we ask: Send us an email ( and tell us what eggerly qualities you admire in her. It would be helpful to know where she hangs out (digi-wise) so we can stalk her (tee hee). We’d like this to be a healthy exercise in anonymity (Do NOT confuse that with animosity!), so remember, please submit in email form ( Did I mention our email address? DAEGGER@GMAIL.COM !!!.

We are not adding up votes, picking the best of the bunch, choosing our homecoming queen or anything like that - we just want to hear from all of you eggers - who do you notice? Who has done or said something to you that made your day? Together, let's try and make theirs!

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Gold Medal Shopping Cart

We're pleased as punch, err...eggnog, at all of your heartfelt, touching responses to the last post. You're all so inspiring! Thank you! As some of you may have noticed, Shawna (threelittleguys) got especially eggy with her doodling last week and made an AMAZING set of stamps based on the 'gold medal' (aka shopping cart) challenge. She was oh so demure and left a linkless comment to go to her blog. Well, we are not gonna let her get away with THAT! So we have her permission to post the link here, so that all our egger friends can partake!

Gold Medal Stamps! Get 'em here!!!

Thank you so much, Shawna!! While at her blog, be sure and check out the rocking layout she made with them too.

Let's Hear it for Another Good Egg!

This week, we’d like to put a spotlight (egglight?) on the wonderful Mirranda Reinhart. Mirranda is a SAHM of two who lives in Colorado. You’ve probably seen her at DigiScrapDivas, where she’s a participating designer and a general source of encouragement and sunshine. Ask anyone who knows her, and they tend to include the word “sweetheart” when they describe her. She has a passion for designing, and her work shows a playful yet sophisticated flair. (If you haven’t seen her work, be sure and check it out at, where she’s having an awesome sale, BTW!) Mirranda, we think you’re a good egg, a great person, and a true blessing in the digi scrapping world!!